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MS open innovation project in JEOL YOKOGUSHI Research Aliance Laboratories

MS open innovation project by Osaka University and JEOL

This project was launched as MS open innovation joint research laboratory in April 2017. Then it was integrated / reorganized with other joint research projects in April 2018 that were underway between Osaka University and JEOL as a project of the JEOL YOKOGUSHI Research Aliance Laboratories. In addition to mass spectrometry-related research, we are working with the mission of developing new application fields in collaboration with JEOL’s core technologies such as electron microscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance.


As the core of industry-academia collaboration, we will promote technological development and application development related to mass spectrometry.

We will promote collaboration with academia and industories in various fields.

We handle a wide range of themes from medical to environmental science.

We will play a part in the JEOL YOKOGUSHI Research Aliance laboratories and promote cross-sectional research.


Michisato Toyoda



Research progress

We are developing on-site diagnostic equipment and methods for periodontal disease.

In this project, we are developing on-site diagnostic equipment and methods for periodontal disease as a research and development theme. Currently, we are developing a method that can be analyzed in a shorter time, and at the same time, developing a metabolite analysis technology to know the underlying pathological condition. We are also developing new ionization technology, cell detection / identification technology, and PM2.5 analysis / analysis method.
As the second mission, we are carrying out activities with the promotion of science education, accepting trainees and short-term international students from overseas, and conducting practical training using mass spectrometers. In addition, we cooperate with events for high school students in the Kansai area, and conduct observation and analysis using an electron microscope as experiential learning at the university.
The third mission is a promotion of joint business and cooperation with external organizations and companies. As an example, we regularly hold the “Wai Gaya-kai” as a place for researchers and engineers involved in mass spectrometry to discuss topics that are rarely discussed at academic societies. In 2021, it was held 12 times as a WEB event.

Ion optical system of JMS-S3000 at market launching, which applies the ion optical system of the MULTUM developed at Osaka University.
Further development

Activities with an eye on participation in large-scale projects as a collaborative unit

With this project as the core, laboratories inside and outside the university and private companies launched a collaborative unit in March 2018. This aims to function as a platform for advancing new ideas and manufacturing with the participation of researchers from different positions such as device development, applied research, and MS users. We hold regular meetings and discussed various themes.
Furthermore, we will promote development of new prinipal technologies for advanced analytical instruments which is for appling a large-scale public R & D budgets.
In addition, we plan to continue working on the following issues based on our founding philosophy.

1. Promotion of technological development and applied research related to mass spectrometry
2. Promotion of science education
3. Joint business / cooperation with external organizations / companies