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Project on establishing a research platform for environment friendly polymeric materials

Building material designs for polymeric materials with low environmental impacts based on “Self-healing” toward sustainable society

This research project has aimed to achieve sustainable society via enhancement of the lifetime of the polymeric materials. In particular, the project interprets “Self-healing” in a diverse way to suggest next-generation material designs utilizing reversible and movable cross-links in the polymeric materials.


This group has focused on creation of low environmental impact- materials recovering damages utilizing supramolecular chemistry

This group has focused on extraordinarily high shape restorable materials to expand the lifetime of the materials.

This group has focused on fabricating composite polymeric materials with low environmental impact based on brand-new material designs.





Research progress

Creation of material designs restoring pristine functions after being damaged

This group has focused on reversible and movable cross-links based on supramolecular chemistry to achieve “Self-healing”. Both reversible and movable cross-links resulted in self-healing coating and shape storing materials with high strength, respectively. Furthermore, composite materials fabricated with modified cellulose were also suggested with high mechanical toughness and self-healing functions.

Overview of potential of supramolecular polymeric materials.
Further development

Creation of material designs for environment friendly polymeric materials toward sustainable society

Diverse “Self-healing” has been achieved in laboratory scale with fusion of supramolecular chemistry and polymeric materials. Additional material designs are required to apply the functional material designs in society scale. This project will suggest novel material designs utilizing laboratory experiences to achieve sustainable society.

Expanding lifetime of polymeric materials based on supramolecular chemistry.