Forefront Research CenterForefront Research Center

Promoting Challenging
 and Emerging Research
  by Young Researchers

The Forefront Research Center (FRC) was established on April 1, 2022, through a reorganization of the Project Research Center for Fundamental Sciences (PRC).

The former PRC functioned as a venue for cross-disciplinary projects that transcended the boundaries of majors and graduate schools as well as for project research activities that received large competitive grants. It also functioned as a place for industry–academia co-creation. However, it was not possible to develop a system capable of sufficiently promoting challenging and emergent research. Therefore, the newly established FRC aims to provide a hub for the promotion of cross-disciplinary projects where young researchers can conduct challenging research. With the cooperation of each department, young researchers are exempted from most non-research duties so they can focus on their research for a period of about three years.

We hope to make the PRC a place that promotes industry–academia research collaboration and cutting-edge cross-disciplinary research worthy of a Nobel Prize. We look forward to a bright future full of challenges and breakthroughs and appreciate your cooperation.

April 2022
Forefront Research Center
Director Michisato TOYODA